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The Rev. Canon William A. Kolb
Memphis, TN

An alumnus of the University of Florida and of the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia, Bill spent ten years in the business world and the mental health services field before entering a career in ordained ministry. He has served parishes in South Carolina, Missouri, New York, Mississippi and Tennessee. His primary work has been parish ministry and pastoral care, with an emphasis on bereavement support. Bill preaches as a “supply” priest at various parishes when and where needed. He has four grown children and two grandchildren, and lives with his wife Melinda Shoaf Kolb, a writer, in Memphis.

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Praying with Your Heart
The Lord's Prayer

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Reflections for Your Journey Brief Insights on Spirituality and Religion

Present Love
We may say, "I will always love you," and that is a sentiment that can come from the best there is in being human. But it can also be just a concept, something we say and intend to do...

Grief and Hope
Despite the strength and comfort we may derive from the all-loving
embrace of those around us, we must go alone to the darkness of
missing our loved one...

The Truth of It All
We are very interested in whether a biblical event really took
place. Ever since modern research resources, including archaeology...

The Greatest Gift of All
God chose to come into the world as a baby child, not as a prophet's
message, not as a spirit, not even as words, but as a human being...

The Treasure Within
No matter what anyone else does to us, one of the major purposes
of our lives as Christians is to be steadfast in our belief in
good, in gentleness, in loving our neighbor...

A Community of Love

We all carry a yearning for God in our hearts. We all live on earth
with the Holy Spirit within us and among us...

Life Is God's Will
A story I heard was about a little boy who won the most caring
child award in his school...

Answering God's Call
You are called. I am called. God calls us. God's call is like a telephone that rings all the time...

Witnessing the Power of Love
God sends us out to share the good news of love that requires no
quid pro quo...

Your Undiminished Value
Listen to this story: A well-known speaker started off his seminar
by holding up a $20 bill...

A Safe Harbor
Where are the security, safety and predictability for which our
hearts long?...

What Is Your Calling?
How do we know we are called? How do we know to what we are called?...

When You're Unable to Turn to God...
Have you ever found yourself so angry, or so scared, or so discouraged
that you could not have faith in God's being able to help you?...

The Power of Humility
God finds us easier to use for God's purposes if we are humble...

Come As You Are
There's a quote I want to share with you from a book called
The Testing of Faith by Ray Stedman ...

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