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When You're Unable to Turn to God...

Have you ever found yourself so angry, or so scared, or so discouraged
that you could not have faith in God's being able to help you? I
have. I think we all go through times like that. Sometimes when
we are so overwhelmed by what life has tossed at us, and we find
that we cannot muster any kind of confession of faith, is it possible
that the community can do it for us? Think of people in what is
known as the anger stage of grief. Sometimes they have neither
the capacity nor the inclination to turn to God so -- in those
moments-- their faith community does it for them. To be other-centered
that way is actually a gift to us, really, a life-giving expansion
of our humanity. To be a person for others is the most freeing
thing that can happen to us.

From the sermon ""My Sins are Forgiven? What Sins?"
by the Rev. William A. Kolb

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