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Reflections Archive for 2005
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Heeding God's Call
Integrity is not about fairness. It is about living in the hands of God. What does that mean?
It means that we are open to possibilities that our lives are meant for a higher purpose ...
--from "Midlife Questions"
by Ron McDonald

We also boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. --Romans 5:3-4
I wonder how many of you will stop reading after seeing today's scripture. Paul’s famous, or infamous, words used to be a real turn-off for me.
--from “Signposts Daily Devotions”
by The Rev. Margaret Jones

Keeping Lent
What are you giving up for Lent this year? What is your Lenten discipline?
These are common questions in the season of Lent. For years I used to try to think of something that would require me to endure some significant (I could even say faithful) deprivation).
--from “A True Lenten Discipline: Walking with Christ”
The Rev. Margaret Gunness

LOOKING WITHIN: Finding God Deep Inside
One task of the spiritual life is to boldly assume the arduous but awesome assignment of re-discovering our original ‘self.
--from "Collections: A Collage of Suggestions for Deep Reflection"

Facing Who We Are
This past weekend I reread a book by Barbara Brown Taylor called Speaking of Sin, The Lost Language of Salvation. I urge you to read it this Lent.
--from “Ash Wednesday - A Wake-up Call”
by The Rev. Margaret W. Jones

The Deaths We Grieve
There is no life without death, and the accompanying grief that is natural to the experience of death in all its forms. But there is no death apart from the possibility of new life and transformation.
--from “The Deaths We Grieve”
by Senter Crook

Craving Something More
I was drawn to the monastic life because it seemed to stand for what I loved most about the faith
of my fathers and mothers.
--from “Washing Out My Ears,” installment 11 of “Born Again and Again: Stories of the Spirit,
Lessons for the Soul”
by Jon Sweeney

Lord, Grant me Wisdom
Wisdom isn’t learned from books or lectures, but from life, especially from one’s failings and yearnings.
--from the question “Could I please be granted wisdom?”
by Tom Ehrich

The Everyday Mystic
Life pushes on in steady and seemingly unceasing beats. Going to work, doing errands, caring for children, getting over illness, working through grief, caring for pets, gardening, paying bills, phone calls, email, meetings.
--from "Mystery and Mysticism"
by Renée Miller

A Prayer for the Victims of the Asian Tsunami
O God of grace, we come before you with hurting hearts to plead for those who are the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Asia.
--from "Responses to the Asian Tsunami"
by Renée Miller

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