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The Deaths We Grieve
There is no life without death, and the accompanying grief that is natural to the experience of death in all its forms. But there is no death apart from the possibility of new life and transformation. Depression is the result when we identify with the pain in our lives as the whole truth, rather than as a part of the truth. We cannot open ourselves to life in all its fullness and avoid the pain of death and grief.

The human experience of the apparent abandonment of God and the grief and even despair that are a part of that experience are very real for many people. Finding the courage to accept loss and death, and to enter into the grief they bring, is a sacramental act that allows us to participate in the deeper truth that although evil and death are real, they are not ultimate. Rather they are part of a larger Truth that does not wipe away their consequences, but transforms them and brings out of them a new creation.

--The Rev. Senter Crook
from “The Deaths We Grieve”


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