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Heeding God's Call
Integrity is not about fairness. It is about living in the hands of God. What does that mean? It means that we are open to possibilities that our lives are meant for a higher purpose, and that our selfish desire for recognition or success is not nearly as important as the sacrifice that will be required of us when we truly answer God's call. That call might be of obvious importance, or it might be answered in secret, but our task at all ages is to be ready. If all you are called to do is to pick up a child who is hurt, then if you can join Jesus in commending yourself to God, you can also join Jesus in his vision of the completeness of his work. Our purpose on earth is not grand--not even if we become President. Our purpose is to commend ourselves humbly to God.

--Ron McDonald
from "Midlife Questions"

Midlife Questions

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