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The Everyday Mystic
Life pushes on in steady and seemingly unceasing beats. Going to work, doing errands, caring for children, getting over illness, working through grief, caring for pets, gardening, paying bills, phone calls, email, meetings. It can seem impossible to experience mysticism in such an environment. We convince ourselves that if we were going to have a mystical experience, it would have to occur in a still and silent place, where no demands were being made on us and we could direct our full attention to the world of the spirit. But God does not withhold mystical encounters until we find ourselves in a monastery or hermitage. Indeed, it is in the unfolding of everyday events, tasks, and encounters that we glimpse the enigmatic wonder of the Holy One’s touch.

--Renee Miller
From "Mystery and Mysticism"

A prayer practice to help you recognize God in everyday Life.

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