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Life Is God's Will
A story I heard was about a little boy who won the most caring
child award in his school. It seems that the elderly man next door
had lost his wife to death, and the boy's mother took the boy next
door to express their sympathy. They saw the old man sitting in
the back yard. The boy ran to the man and sat in his lap. He sat
there for quite a while. Later, at home, his mother asked him what
he had said to their grieving neighbor. The little boy said to his
mother, "Oh, I didn't say anything. I just helped him cry."

At times of great emotional and spiritual pain, our faith in and
dependence on Christ and those in whose faces we see Christ may be
the only thing that can get us through it, can help us accept, can
give us, finally perhaps, some peace.

Life is God's will, not death. In the life of the spirit there is
no death. In the Kingdom of God, there is neither aging nor
deteriorating, only life everlasting.

LIFE in all its fullness is God's will. Deadness will not win out
in the long run. Healing of cuts, healing of spirit, healing of
death, all are God's intention. God's plan.

--from the sermon "Life Is God's Will"
by the Rev. William A. Kolb

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