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Witnessing the Power of Love
God sends us out to share the good news of love that requires no
quid pro quo. God sends us to love our neighbor (even the ones we
know real well!) even if our neighbor does not love us. That is
the only thing that distinguishes a Christian (or other people of
faith and hope) from those who live without hope. Anyone can love
those who love them. It is when we walk our road with wolves
attacking from time to time but come to the end of our road still
trusting, still reaching out, still believing that people can be
good and that even wolves can change. It is then that God rejoices,
for He has overcome that within us that puts self first, and He
has overcome it with love. And our life has had great purpose
because we have been a witness to the power of that love.

--from the sermon "Who Are Your Heroes?"
by The Rev. William A. Kolb

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