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The Greatest Gift of All
God chose to come into the world as a baby child, not as a prophet's
message, not as a spirit, not even as words, but as a human being.
In doing so, God has said that the life of flesh is good. He has
said in this birth that God adores us and blesses us and looks at
us and says, "It is good." God loves us so much that in order to
communicate with us, God has spoken in our language, the language
we can understand, the language of being human. He sanctified our
lives by having His Son live a human life, in which Jesus walked
and talked, prayed and cried, loved and suffered, partied and
pondered; there is no joy and no pain that we can experience that
Jesus does not understand, and so God understands, walks with us,
knows our sorrows and feels our pain.
-- From the sermon "Hay and Stars, Part 2"
by The Rev. William A. Kolb

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