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Answering God's Call
You are called. I am called. God calls us. God's call is like a telephone that rings all the time, while we, being human as we are, often say, "Father, I'd rather do it myself." But God is not saying that we should become pietistic automatons; God is saying, "Give up your agendas and take on mine."

For most who worship God and want to follow, vocation has to do with "blooming where you are planted." It has to do with being God's person more and more, being for others a resting place, a listening ear, a worker for those who are in need, a volunteer who seeks to follow Jesus by increasing the amount of goodness and mercy and kindness in the world or reducing the amount of evil and pain.

God calls each of us with the only true authority for our lives. God calls us to new life each day; God calls us to victorious living when pain and evil spirits threaten to undo us. And above all, God calls us to be useful to God by helping others whenever and however we are, by the Grace of God, able to do that.

--from the sermon "You are Called"
by the Rev. William A. Kolb

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