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Come As You Are
There's a quote I want to share with you from a book called
The Testing of Faith by Ray Stedman. In it he talks about the
little boy in the crowd who had five loaves and two fish, and
how the boy offered them when there wasn't any food for 5,000
people. Stedman uses this as a lesson for all of us never to be
afraid to offer what we have, because we can never tell what
God is going to do with it. He says that Jesus never asks us to
start accumulating more before we begin to minister. When I get
to here, I'll start ministering, when I graduate from college,
when I have all my finances secured-then I'll give some time to help
somebody else. All God wants is what we have right now. As
soon as Jesus found out what was available in the crowd, that
was all he needed. Just one lad's lunch was all it took.

You don't have to be afraid that what you have is too little
to offer. Whatever we're willing to offer is used by God and multiplied.

-- from the sermon " Reflections on the Feeding of God's People"
by The Rev. William A. Kolb.

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