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  The Rev.  Margaret B. Gunness

The Rev. Margaret B. Gunness
Retired, Episcopal Priest
Belmont, MA

Peggy Gunness served as vicar of Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee, from May 1999 to May 2001, after eight years as Rector of Christ Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Prior to her ministry at Christ Church, Peggy was a clergy member at Trinity Church in Boston and vicar and interim rector at Christ Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also spent a year helping a small, yet growing inner-city parish in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Peggy was ordained in 1981 after study at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge. Before entering seminary, she was a teacher and tutor of French and worked in school admissions.

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Questions of Faith
Exploring God's Love, Your Faith, and the Church

Isn't searching for the God within just an excuse for narcissism?

Reflections for Your Journey Brief Insights on Spirituality and Religion

Anchored in Prayer
The power of prayer is the power that comes to us when we realize that God can be our point of reference in the midst of all the confusions of our daily lives...

Falling in Love with God
Have you been able to let yourself fall back in love with God? Have
you dared to give your heart to him?...

The Voice of God
In my understanding, one of the most significant things
that the very life of Christ indicates is God's full and irreversible
acceptance of us...

What Is God Saying...
Consider this, that it is God who is acting on you--actively acting--through the very existence of the earth itself...

What Do We Worship?
I believe that the remarkable progress of human society - the progress of the human mind and spirit - is not of our doing...

Songs of Love
Both the gift and the burden of the Christian vocation is to love,
to love others into wholeness...

Listening to Our Lives
Think about this: That you and I are created in the very image of

The Gift of Grace
How do we understand, how do we experience grace today?...

A Story Told to Me by
an Old Woman in a Nursing Home

The first thing I noticed about her is that she was so completely
at peace. So I asked her about it, and this is the story she told...

The Liberation of Forgiveness
So what does such forgiveness really mean, we may wonder, and what does it

Troubled by Doubt
Doubt is not something to hide or to be ashamed of or to run away from, but rather it is something to be honored, something to take notice of and to enter into fully...

Living and Loving Fully
The Dalai Lama, currently living in exile from his beautiful,
beloved land of Tibet, is reported to have given this instruction
to his people on the occasion of the new millennium...

Prayer for a Busy Day
In the midst of this most busy day,
I want to offer to you, most patient Spirit of God...

Voices of Faith Sermons and Essays from the Clergy

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"A Walk With Jesus" • February 3, 2002

"Crumbling Temples" • November 18, 2001

"You Are Loved Unconditionally" • May 27, 2001

"The Gifts of Doubt and Forgiveness" • April 22, 2001

"Reflections on a Rigorous Gospel" • February 18, 2001

"Baptism: An Affirmation of Eternal Life" • January 7, 2001

"In Praise of Poverty" • November 12, 2000

"Three Pathways to Believing"
October 8, 2000

"Who Do People Say That I Am?" • September 17, 2000

"Eating and Drinking? The Bread and the Wine" • August 20, 2000

"A Child, A Nation and Healing" • July 2, 2000

"Resident Alien or Full Citizen?" • June 4, 2000

"Lost and Found" • May 14, 2000

"Palm Sunday --Two Processions" • April 16, 2000

"Wearing Masks" • October 31, 1999

"The Hidden Powers of Stewardship" • October 17, 1999

"Justice or Generosity?" • September 19, 1999

"NEWS FLASH! Jesus Challenged by Bold Caananite Woman" • August 15, 1999

"Wheat and Tares Growing Together" • July 18, 1999

"The Gift and the Burden of Love" • June 20, 1999

"The Trinity as Creative Idea, Creative Energy, Creative Power" • May 30, 1999

"The Great Storyteller of the Great Story" • May 9, 1999

"A First Sermon in a New Parish" • May 2, 1999


Walking With Christ
What are you giving up for Lent this year?
What is your Lenten discipline?
These are common questions in the season of Lent. ...

To the Children... April 29, 2001
Today I'm writing this front page Chronicle article especially for the children...

Let's Get Together Sometime April 1, 2001
I often wish I were more of a Palm Pilot type. They always seem so efficient and sophisticated, so on top of things...

Listening for God March 11, 2001
The season of Lent seems so different from the other seasons in the church calendar. In itself, it has a specific purpose to be pursued and experienced daily...

Light and Darkness!!
February 4, 2001
Welcome to you all--visitors, seekers, parishioners--whoever you are, wherever you've come from....

Welcome Epiphany! January 7, 2001
How quickly we enter into the season of Epiphany! Already it's January 7, the first Sunday of this season that lasts eight weeks this year and takes us all the way to Lent...

Reflections on a New Year December 31, 2000
It's my turn to write now, for this, the last Chronicle of the year 2000...

Autumn Musings October 1, 2000
So now begins the month of October...

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident... • July 2, 2000
As we approach this national holiday celebrating our nation's birth...


Literature as an Invitation to Spiritual Growth: Online Book Group
Welcome to the explorefaith.org on-line book group--an opportunity for study and discussion open to anyone interested in pursuing spirituality through literature.

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