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The Gift of Grace
How do we understand, how do we experience grace today? I often
think of it in terms of a statement I once heard: "You are accepted."
You and I are accepted, fully and totally accepted by God, now,
always, without condition, without deserving, without question. To
be accepted in this way means to be cherished, to be loved, to be
guarded from ultimate evil. It means that who we basically are is
valued, honored and respected. It means that we don't have to earn
or deserve such care; it is simply there for us, ours as a gift
outright. The grace of God is given to us at God's initiative. It
is an expression of God's love for us, of God's desire, of God's
unconditional acceptance, an expression of the very nature of God's

-- From the question "What is meant by the grace of God?"
by the Rev. Margaret Gunness

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