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Songs of Love
Both the gift and the burden of the Christian vocation is to love,
to love others into wholeness. So when you and I look at the world
around us, at the heartbreaking suffering of it and at the
heartbreaking beauty of it, are we able to refuse our calling? Are
we able not to love? God needs us. God needs our eyes to see through
and our hands to work through and our voices to speak the words of
comfort and companionship. God needs our tears to express the
passion of his heart. And giving ourselves to God to use this way
is precisely how we can sing to God our love song, our most beautiful
and bursting love song. And all of this is also how we can do our
part to begin to transform the suffering of the world into the
great, swelling anthem of rejoicing for which it was intended.

-- From the sermon "The Gift and the Burden of Love"
by The Rev. Margaret Gunness

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