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Falling in Love with God
Have you been able to let yourself fall back in love with God? Have
you dared to give your heart to him? There's a sort of frightening
self-abandonment involved in such a willingness to fall in love
with God, to take him out of the safety of the Sunday morning slot
and to put him instead right in the very center of our being where
he becomes, as it were, the reference point for our every choice
and action. I have a very visceral way of understanding this risk.
Perhaps you can identify with it. It comes from when I was a kid
and I used to love to climb up to the very top branches of the pecan
tree in our back yard. And I learned there about the stability I
could get by touching or holding on to even the smallest of branches,
not because it could support my weight, but because it was a reference
point for my sense of balance. That small branch wasn't holding me
up, but I knew that without it I would lose my equilibrium and risk
falling from the height of my climb. And so it is for us if we lose
that reference point in our lives, which is Christ, who invites us
to keep our bearings, to keep our balance, by reaching out to touch
him and by trusting his stability in order to steady our trembling
--from the sermon "The Gift and the Burden of Love"
by the Rev. Margaret B. Gunness

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