Meditate with Music

Using music to hear the Holy

Meditate with Music

Music has, throughout the centuries, been a natural form for experiencing communion with God. Nature itself is filled with the musical language of the creation communicating with the Creator. Think of the high-pitched arias of birds on an early spring morn, the deep pounding of waves crashing against a jagged coast, the screeching buzz of a bumblebee flitting from stem to stem, or the cracking of ice crystals on bare trees as the sun begins to warm the day. Read more

Listen to Contemplative Music

Ave Maria Ruth Cunningham
Be Here Now Gary Malkin
Be Thou My Vision Mary Abbay Gourley and Jeanne Simmons
Dios itlazo nantzine (Beloved Mother of God) San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble
La Partita Daniel Foster Johnston and Jeanne Simmons
Lei's Song  Michael Jefry Stevens
Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee (Brahms) Calvary Choir, Calvary Episcopal Church
Sleep, Holy Child Thom Pavlechko and Ruth Duck
The Welcoming Gary Malkin
Wince Daniel Foster Johnston

Grace Notes
A playlist for spiritual practice