October 1st

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"The fear [reverence] of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

-- Proverbs 9:10




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The Divine Hours: Pray the Daily Office
A complete guide to the ancient practice of fixed-hour prayer




Church Publishing Inc.

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Days of Grace


St Francis
I cannot really explain why or how he became the saint that speaks most directly to me, but I feel a close relationship with Francis of Assisi and have so since high school.

Simply Satisfied

Simply Satisfied
Why simplifying our lives is good for the soul: A series of articles on developing a life of simplicity



Light coming through trees

Honoring Creation
This is our home, which God entrusted to our care. There is much we can learn from our blessed Earth.

Your Spiritual Coach

Your Spiritual Coach
Spiritual strategies for tackling life's challenges 

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer
An eight-part series exploring the Lord's Prayer line by line


Gracious God, when I look at the mound of papers on my desk...

On discovering God's presence in poetry and the natural world … "My happiest moments, which affirm that God’s Spirit is alive in me, are when a poem is coming and moving me into a different dimension."

Soothing words for an angry heart