Tools for your Journey

Tools for Your Journey

Daily Devotions

Signposts Daily Devotions
Reflections on the words of scripture — how they apply to our lives and nourish our spirit

What's your spiritual type?

My Spiritual Profile
Take this short explorefaith quiz to see where you fall on the spiritual spectrum.


Learning from Dreams

Learning from Dreams
Throughout scripture we read of God communicating with people through their dreams.

Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the Labryinth
Experience the labyrinth online through photographs, music and opportunities for reflection  

The Enneagram

The Enneagram
“What is your greatest obstacle to your deepest prayer?”  The answer often is, ourselves. Grappling with and understanding the patterns of our personality structure is crucial to our spiritual growth.  So, how can we get a clear picture of the patterns that block our spirituality?  

Hand writing

Guided Journaling
Using your journal to reflect on your life and connect with the Holy