Sleep, Holy Child

by Thom Pavlechko and Ruth Duck

Meditation Process


Performed by Memphis Boychoir and Chamber Choir, John Ayer, musical director.

Words by Ruth Duck. Music by Thomas Pavlechko for John Ayer and the Memphis Chamber Orchestra. Text ©G.I.A. Publications. Music ©2003 Selah Publishing. From the Pro Organo CD Our Dancing Day. All rights reserved. Used with permission of Selah Publishing and Zarex Corp.

Sleep, holy child, now hid away from human heartbreak, hate and strife.
What will you know of peaceful days when even now they stalk your life?
Rest, Lamb of God, for comes the day when earth will judge you,
strike you, scorn.

Sleep soundly now as Mary smiles and holds you in her arms newborn.
Shine fragile life this starry night, in sleep, unknowing sigh, and nod,
for none on earth can overcome the light in you that comes from God

Copyright ©2003 G.I.A. Publications, Inc.