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Brooks RamseyThe Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey

The Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey was a member of the staff of Calvary Episcopal Church in the position of Interim Assistant for Pastoral Ministries/Theologian in Residence while the church was conducting a search for a full-time Associate Rector. Dr. Ramsey is the Co-Director of the Pastoral Counseling Center of Memphis and a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. A superb teacher and preacher, he also assisted in worship and education.

Ordained in the American Baptist Church, Dr. Ramsey received a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry from Eden Theological Seminary. He has served in parish ministry for 25 years, most recently as the Interim
Associate Pastor of Idlewild Presbyterian Church and Interim Minister of First Congregational Church. He has served several Baptist Churches including Second Baptist in Memphis and is a past President of the Memphis Ministerial Association.

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Advent & Christmas
Thoughts on Advent

Mystery and Mysticism
How can Jesus help me understand?

Questions of Faith Exploring God's Love, Your Faith, and the Church

Reflections for Your Journey Brief Insights on Spirituality and Religion

The Great Interpreter
Yes, Jesus reveals God to me, but Jesus of Nazareth also reveals
myself to me. He interprets not only God, he interprets who we are...

Surviving Life's Crises
No one can escape the storms of life...

Where is God When Things Fall Apart?
It is easy to sense God's presence when things are going right...

A Big, Big God
J. B. Phillips wrote a book many years ago, when I was a young minister, called Your God is Too Small...

The God of Becoming
Carl Jung, the psychoanalyst, said, "The goal of therapy is to move persons from the nothing buts of life to the more thans of life."...

A deep belief in the power of love
means that we must make a commitment to keep on giving even when we cannot see any immediate results...

Growing Through Love
Isn't it true that we bring many of the storms into our lives
because we are trying to do something worthwhile in the world?...

Voices of Faith Sermons and Essays from the Clergy

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"In the Beginning Was the Word..." December 31, 2000

"What Do We Do With the Power That We've Got?" October 22, 2000

"When Religion Becomes Real" September 3, 2000

"Beyond Nothing But to More Than" July 9, 2000

"The Storms of Life:How Do We Survive Crisis?" June 25, 2000


The Final Chorus of W.H. Auden's "Christmas Oratorio" Expresses the Advent Faith:
Appropriately he has linked the Advent and Christmas events with the coming of a new age into the world...

Staying in the Process of Love
It does not matter whether one is at the giving or receiving end of love, just so long as one is a part of the process in some way...

Power of the Liturgy
Too often we are not aware of the power at our disposal. A definition in an old dictionary...

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