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The Great Interpreter
Yes, Jesus reveals God to me, but Jesus of Nazareth also reveals
myself to me. He interprets not only God, he interprets who we are.
He is the interpreter of what humanity ought to be. Culture and
history has presented a pretty dismal picture of human beings. We
are proud, arrogant, selfish, jealous, territorial, war-like at
times. Out of our hearts spring all kinds of evil things. Is that
the true picture of humanity? That's not the picture Jesus gave.
He gave us the model of what God intended when he created us.

We have to look at Jesus to see who the person is we ought to be.
We judge ourselves by him. We submit our images of ourselves to
the image of the Christ, and in that light we can identify the
ongoing mission to become more like him. God became like us so that
we could become like God. That's the story. He interprets life to

-- From the sermon "In the Beginning Was the Word"
by The Rev. Dr. Brooks Rams

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