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A Big, Big God
J. B. Phillips wrote a book many years ago, when I was a young
minister, called "Your God is Too Small." I think for many people
their God is too small, and that controls the way they approach
life. Someone once said, it doesn't make any difference what you
believe, just so long as you believe in God. I disagree with that.
It depends on what kind of God you believe in. I know some people
who believe in a God of vengeance so wrathful that He's out to
destroy everyone who doesn't fit a certain mold. He is not the God
of love. He is the finger-pointing God, as Marcus Borg said. Our
view of God determines how we view what is the heart of our

You know, there are a lot of things we don't understand, but is
our God a big, big God? My conviction is this: Religion will not
die on the day when it is refuted by the arguments of its adversaries.
Religion will die on that day when it becomes dull and monotonous
and insipid, when it loses the radiance to permeate our life with
warmth and love, beauty, truth and joy. The heart of religion is
reverence for that God.

--from the sermon "When Religion Becomes Real"
by The Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey

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