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Growing Through Love
Isn't it true that we bring many of the storms into our lives
because we are trying to do something worthwhile in the world?
Responsibility always involves risk. I have asked couples in
pre-marital counseling, "Why do you want to get married?" Many
of them reply, "To be happy." Then I tell them, "Don't do it."
That shocks them--but I tell them that they could probably be a
lot happier if they remained single. They could spend their money
the way they wanted to, go anywhere they wanted to and do
with their time exactly what they wanted to. Happiness comes
as a by-product of a higher purpose for their relationship.

Marriage is never easy-- it can become an ordeal-- but it is the
best way to grow as a person. In an intimate relationship, we
can discover the joy of developing a self and offering it to help
the person we care about.

-- from the sermon "Surviving the Storms of Life "
by The Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey

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