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  Linda DoutyLinda Douty
Spiritual Director
Memphis, Tennessee

Linda Douty currently serves as a book reviewer, teacher, retreat leader and individual spiritual director. She shares her personal experiences as well as knowledge gained at the The Academy for Spiritual Formation, Bethel Bible Series, SMU's Perkins School of Theology and the Shalom Institute of Spiritual Guidance.

Featured Contributions

How Can I Let Go If I Don't Know I'm Holding On?: Setting Our Souls Free

Questions of Faith: Brief Insights on Spirituality and Religion
A Hunger for God
"So what now?" [my spiritual director] heard me say. She had explained my hungry condition to me; I understood it now, but I was still in an "effort" mode. I was waiting for my next assignment...
A Shared Longing
The good news is that God understands our barriers and limitations,
so great is God's longing for us....
Praying with Your Heart
Nothing opens us to the Spirit more radically than prayer...
Embarking on the Spiritual Journey
What does it mean to "take the journey ourselves"? Remember that we have free will: We can refuse to move, to explore, to take the trip...

Stepping Stones for Spiritual Growth Thoughts and Essays about Spirituality Today

Listening for God
The still, small voice that speaks in the quiet

Spiritual Direction: What it is and what it isn't

There seems to be an explosion of interest in the ancient spiritual practice
of spiritual direction. In response, the following questions and answers may
prove helpful...

Getting From Sunday to Monday
Moving from belief to experience, from information to transformation.
A four-part series.

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Why Forgive? Questions we all ask; stories that help with the answers

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