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A Shared Longing
The good news is that God understands our barriers and limitations,
so great is God's longing for us. And in spite of all, God is much
more willing to speak than we are to listen. I'm convinced that
it takes only one thing to develop a listening heart, and that is
willingness. But this is a special kind of willingness -- a willingness
grounded in the longing that tugs at your heart, not a legalistic
striving: "I OUGHT to learn to listen better... I SHOULD hone my
listening skills... I MUST commit 30 minutes a day to silent prayer."
I'm speaking of a longing so deep, an openness so wide, so basic
to the soul's survival, that it feels like the thirsty deer spoken
of in Psalm 42, who longs for flowing streams.

--From the essay "Listening for God" by Linda Douty

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