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About the Book

Prayer of the Heart
Prayer of the HeART
Written by Kelly Schneider Conkling

Trade Paperback, pages 128
Published: 05/01/2006
Publisher: Morehouse Publishing
ISBN: 0819221686

Price: $14.95

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Drawing from her spiritual journey and experiences of prayer through art, Kelly Conkling reveals the potential for creativity in prayer. This book is not about “art” in the sense of making pretty pictures. It opens readers to new possibilities of creating art as a result of an experience with God through visual imaging. By inviting God to be the director, writer, and artist of their hearts, readers engage in a new concept called “heart spirituality.” Readers learn to use art as a way to open up a deep conversation with God.

Chapter by chapter, readers explore a multitude of drawing techniques and media, and ways of dialoguing with the images they create. Each chapter is developed around a theme taken from the image of the heart described by Macarius, a fifth-century monk. Macarius taught that prayer helps us journey deeper into our own hearts and the heart of God.

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Kelly Schneider Conkling Kelly Schneider Conkling has spent much of her life exploring the connection between art and prayer. An ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, Kelly is also an artist, spiritual director and retreat leader. She lives with her husband in San Angelo, Texas.


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