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Deciphering the Da Vinci Code

A review of Ron Howard's film of the book


Between Two Worlds Theological Blog Spot
How to Respond to the Da Vinci Code Movie

Scottish Christian
A Web resource and news log with up-to-date
stories on the Da Vinci Code

A comprehensive, graphically intriguing section
debunking claims in the Da Vinci Code, point by point

The Da Vinci Opportunity
How the Popularity of The Da Vinci Code Book
and Movie Can Be Helpful to Christians and Others

by Mark D. Roberts

What if the Da Vinci Code makes me uncertain about what I really believe?


What if I'm not certain what I believe?

Is it all right to be spiritual without being religious?

As a Christian, how do I reconcile stories from the Bible with current scientific thought?

Do I have to believe that Christ literally rose from the dead to be a Christian?

What proof is there that Christianity is not a myth created to assuage our fears about death?

What if I strongly disagree with the views of someone else who professes to be a Christian?

What is the point of asking theological questions? Can we ever really know the answers?



Spiritual Coach: When You Are Troubled by Doubt

What Are You Asking?
Pastor Tom Ehrich responds to your questions

How Do We Know that God Is Real?
Faith: Another Avenue to Knowledge

by John R. Claypool

Troubled by Doubt
by Margaret Gunness

What is Faith?
by Marcus Borg

Opportunities to explore your faith by connecting with God in unexpected places




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