Signposts: Daily Devotions

Wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!
—Psalm 4:18

Nobody intends to lose their financial footing in this economy, especially when the value of the dollar seems to fall by the minute. Despite our best efforts, however, financial problems happen anyway. This can be disheartening when all we want in this ever-changing and diverse world is an opportunity to compete academically, athletically and intellectually as full human beings who are also children of God. 

We seek to develop our resources and use our skills and credentials to serve others. And sometimes it seems that every door is closed to us. We are in a kind of “Advent” period during those times in our lives. We are simply asked to be patient and wait for the movement of God, for the clarity of God’s plans for us, for the opening of possibilities that will fill our soul.

It’s important to set goals in our lives, but our personal goals are always more fulfilling when we consult with heaven. God has created us to progress, to think, to move, to act, but God also invites us to seek how those goals can best serve us and the world.

God is ever willing to give us signs for the directions that we should take if we will simply quiet ourselves long enough to hear. We can overshoot our financial goals, our career goals, our emotional and spiritual goals simply because we forget to stop, listen, and wait on God’s voice. When our goals and plans seem to go nowhere, or are regularly thwarted, it may be because we did not take the time to listen for God’s voice before acting.

We can only accomplish our finest goals, our best achievements, our deepest self-understanding and worth when we give time to prayer and meditation in order to sense the leading of God in our lives.  When we are steadfast in this, we find meaning and joy in our lives at the same time that our soul is growing closer to God.

Gracious God, give me the wisdom to consult with you before making any major decisions in my life and strengthen my faith to trust your will.

Copyright © 2009 Cleophes Carter Jr.