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Purpose in Life

Purpose in life for some is clear and single-minded—those who feel they must paint, or play music, or teach, or diagnose disease, for example. For others, purpose in life goes through several changes throughout the years—Mother Teresa, for example, felt her purpose was to be a sister in a Loreto convent teaching children of wealthy parents, until she discovered another purpose years later—to serve the “poorest of the poor.” Our purpose is always something that makes more of us. It increases our capacity for bringing goodness, for deepening our love and compassion, for filling empty pockets in our soul. Let these questions help you explore what is waiting to “make more of you.”

  1. What have I been doing when my soul felt full?

  2. If there were only three things I could do in my life, what would they be?

  3. What would leave me empty if I could not do it?

  4. How have others affirmed my reason for being on this earth?

  5. If I were to die tomorrow, what legacy would I want my life to leave behind?

  6. What activities claim my heart and pull me to greater growth?

  7. In the silence of my soul, what do I believe God has prepared me to do on this earth?