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A Legacy of Risk
Abraham was moved to begin his journey of discovery by accepting
great risk, sustained by a great faith. I am sure that many who
knew Abraham considered him a religious fanatic, or even worse a
fool who was crazy for doing what he did. But it was in this
risking... in this faith-centered journey of discovery, that Abraham
came to know the powerful presence of God in his life. It was this
risk-taking and his journey of discovery sustained by his great
faith in God, that foretold of the eventual coming of the promised
Messiah in the person of Jesus. Without this risk-taking there
would have been no great memory of Father Abraham or Sarah, and
their role in the journey to freedom and the birthing of what was
to become Israel. Without Abraham moving into an unknown frontier
and challenging the religious thinking of his time, we would not
be here today as his ancestors who represent the New Covenant.

--From the sermon "Physician Heal Thyself: Therapeutic Cloning, Stem Cell Research and the Silence of the Church"
by The Very Rev. John Bryson Chane

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