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These Are the Times for Perfect Trust
What is "perfect trust"? Most of us would say that our faith in
God's capacity to bring meaning and resolution to all this turmoil
is more like what Isaiah describes as "a dimly burning wick." We're
a long way from "perfect trust." We're nervous and unsure about
what's going to happen. We just hope against hope that somehow it
will turn out OK.

Perfect trust is the exact opposite. It's when we admit our lack
of confidence, take it in hand, and turn it over to God---asking
God to show us how to let go of our fears and anxieties and move
forward with some degree of confidence. That kind of trust is a
gift; not a last resort. It's a matter of recognizing that some
things are beyond our control, and there are some issues that just
don't have clear-cut answers. But life goes on. No one is ever
COMPLETELY certain---that's why another word for trust is "faith."
But, like everything else, faith gets stronger when it's exercised.
--from "What Are We To Do? Thoughts on Community, Compassion and Comfort"
by the Rev. Dr. Robert Hansel

A selection from the explorefaith.org section In Times of War: Responses to the Present Crisis

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