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In Times of War: Responses to the Present Crisis
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Why does God let bad
things happen in the

Where do I look to find
God in this world of
tragedy and pain?

More Questions of
Faith and Doubt

Oasis: Take a Moment to meditate with art, poetry, spoken word, journaling and music


Prayer in Times of War

A reflection by Barbara Crafton
They have been over there for a long time now. Some have been there since before the bombing of Baghdad, enduring through the changes in the war that have unfolded since its this'll-only-take-a-minute beginning. ...

Prayers for the World
(From the Book of Common Prayer for the U.S. Episcopal Church, Copyright 1979)

"What Are We to Do?"
by The Rev. Dr. Robert R. Hansel
Thoughts on Community, Compassion and Comfort

"The Living Word: Using the Bible to Look at War"
Excerpt from an interview with The Rev. Barbara Lundblad

"Miracles Within"
by The Rev. Lowell E. Grisham

God Turns Anxiety to Faith; Anger to Hope; Fear to Love


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