Four prayers for the highs and lows of the holiday

Prayer #1

Gracious God, as our family gathers to celebrate these holy days, drench us in a spirit of openness.  In our conversations, may we hear each other's hearts; in our meals, may we be filled with the warmth of gratitude; in our celebrations, may we delight in the joy of fellowship; and in our disagreements, may we learn something new from one another.  In all our moments of communion, fill us with your love.  Amen.


Gracious God, these days of special remembrance can so easily pass without my being attentive to the reasons behind them.  Open my eyes and heart to the many graces and blessings that blanket my life with joy.  Help my soul awaken with the gratitude that will make me attentive and expectant for the imprint of your hand in my world.  I ask this for the sake of your love. Amen.

Prayer #3

Gracious God, the days are shorter now as the shades of winter approach.  There is more darkness than light now, the air is crisper, and my soul is quieting down for a broader space of listening and reflection.  Fill me with gratitude for the change in seasons that offers me the opportunity to go deep within and find there the soft cloak of your loving presence.  I ask this for the sake of your love.  Amen.

Prayer #4

Gracious God, the coming of holidays brings with it a heightened awareness of my loneliness.  When the lack of a loving family around me leaves my heart feeling shriveled and small, open my eyes to the graces you shower upon me.  Show me those gifts of your love that I often miss when I'm consumed with the absence of affection in my life.  Let those graces remind me that your  presence is sure and constant.  Let this lighten the darkness in my heart as surely as the sun dissolves the darkness of night.  I ask this for the sake of your love.  Amen.

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