Prayer for a New Year

Most merciful God help us step into the coming days with gentleness, knowing that all your creation is both fragile and cherished and that all You have made should be handled with care. 

Guide us, O God, toward peace. Peace in our homes, in our workplace and in our communities. Help us always to keep in mind that the best chance for living into that peace is to open ourselves to your love, and trust in your power of transformation.

We begin the year with kisses and sparklers. Keep the dancing flame of possibilities alive within us, even as life's trials dampen our spirit and make us tired and anxious. Give us faith. Give us hope. Give us awareness of your gracious presence in all life's circumstances. 

Teach us to be joyful and guide us in how to spread that joy to others. Let us become the hands and feet, the mouth and ears that show those around us what love looks like, sounds like, and how it feels.

A new year symbolizes another chance for seeing our lives through the lens of gratitude. Thank you, O God, for all you have given us. And thank you most of all for the newness of mind and soul that you offer to us always!