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Advent Prayers

When Waiting Takes Too Long
Gracious God, there’s so much waiting in my life.  I wait in lines, I wait for a better job, I wait for others, I wait for financial security, I wait for a doctor’s report, I wait for love, I wait for pain to abate, and I even wait for death.  Sometimes the waiting erodes my joy and fills me with dread.  Help me find waiting to be the friend that invites me into the spaciousness of stillness.  Give me the grace to refrain from rushing ahead in order to bring waiting to an end.  Instead, let me find joy in the waiting itself.  I ask this for the sake of your love.  Amen.


Winter's Gold
Gracious God, the leaves have fallen, the air has become cold, and bare trees now seem to open the sky.  Remind me that this is a time to slow down in order to be attentive to the stark stillness winter brings.  Help me breathe deeply the frigid air and know myself to be held in the warmth of your love.  When the sun is high, let me look up and be bathed in your gift of winter's gold.  When the moon lights up the night, let me look up and drink in your gift of snowy calm.  I ask this for the sake of your love.  Amen.


Going Inward
Gracious God, as the roots of a tree spread out in darkest soil, let me spread out into the darkness of my own life to see what is nourishing me there.  Help me trust your presence as I dig deep into the darkness of my self to find both the clods of unhealthiness that need to be broken up, and the gems of goodness that need to be praised.  Remind me that there is nothing to fear when I face myself squarely, for always in the mystery of my own being, the tracks of your love are visible.  Amen.


Appreciating My Body
Gracious God, give me the grace of wonder in the miracle of my body.  Even with its flaws, remind me that it is your gift to me in this earthly life.  It is the temple that houses my spirit, and it is fashioned by the creative touch of your hand.  Give me the will to honor my body with the care and tenderness I would give to my most prized possession, so my body can be used to make you real in the world.  I ask this for the sake of your love. Amen.