Introduction to Praying for Others

A Process for  Praying for Others
1. Sit quietly and center yourself in the present moment.
2. Slowly read each name listed.
3. As you read imagine the name floating into your heart.
4. Bring your awareness to being in the presence of God.
5. Open your heart and ask God to read the names that are written there.
6. Thank God for the time you’ve spent together and
for listening and answering you in your prayers.


Prayer Requests

Pray for those in need

This is the last week our prayer request page will be active. Although, beginning  March 28, you will no longer be able to add the name of a friend or loved one, explorefaith will continue to offer a rich variety of resources for use as a part of your prayer life. Our Prayers for Living and essays on Why, When and How to Pray, along much more on prayer and meditation, are still available, as will be the introductory essay we offer here on praying for others.

Thank you for using this prayer request form. We are honored to have provided a tool  for your spiritual practice. It is our belief that the names you added and those you prayed for that were posted by others are now forever etched in God's loving heart. 

As we discontinue this service we leave you with our prayer for your continued spiritual growth, bringing you always closer to a life fulfilled through connection to the Holy.

To add a name to the Prayer List:
enter a first name only in the space below,
then click on the Submit button.
(Names may take up to a day to appear on the list .)