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How Do I Pray?

A short introduction to practicing prayer
by Mimsy Jones

Creating a Sacred Space

A place in your home dedicated to God
by Renée Miller

Doing Prayer

An excerpt from Beyond Words:15 Ways of Doing Prayer
by Kristen Johnson Ingram

Prayers for Living
Words that capture our deepest emotions
Pocket Prayers
    for your wallet, mirror, or memory
Centering Prayer
    A step-by-step guide to contemplative prayer
by Lowell Grisham
Daily Devotions to Help You Pray

From Signposts
by Renée Miller

Celtic Prayer

Recognizing God’s presence in our every experience
by Sylvia Maddox

Prayers of St. Francis

An excerpt from The St. Francis Prayer Book
by Jon Sweeney

The Lord's Prayer

An eight-part series exploring its meaning line by line.

 A World of Prayers

Our language and beliefs are our own; our prayers to the Divine are universal
by Mark Muesse

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