Being Real

What does it mean to “be real”? How would living a life that is spiritually authentic change the way we think about ourselves, treat one another, spend our time? What would be important to us--so important that deep inside we knew it outweighed all our concerns about money and status and success? What would happen if all of these false preoccupations were stripped away, and we were able to connect to the true yearnings of our untarnished soul--to touch the authentically spiritual deep within us? Is it even possible to “be real” in a world in which the spiritual is seen as something separate from everyday life?

It will take the right tools. What follows are spiritual tools for authentic living in the form of insights, questions, reflections and meditations. These offerings are intended to help you discern what is genuinely meaningful in your life by focusing on different aspects of living authentically:

A spiritual life is one that expresses the true identity that God created for each of us. It is a life where we acknowledge and act upon our purest longings--our desire to be surrounded and connected to God.

Many of the reflections and insights included here were first presented at a Trinity Institute Conference on Benedictine Spirituality in April 2003.


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