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Advent Waiting...

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Entering the Season of Advent

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Keeping the Holidays Holy
Read our writers' reflections on the glories and challenges of the holiday season

Some Resources for Your Waiting
Three resources that can help you ponder, explore, and celebrate the meaning of this important Advent time, as you strive to make the birth of Christ real and present in your life.

Waiting with Intention: From Holidays to Holy Days

A Benedictine walk through Advent

Waiting with Awareness
In so many arenas of our lives we are hardly aware of finishing one thing before moving on to the next. And because we are hardly aware, we miss—"he comes, comes, ever comes."

Waiting in Silence
There is a way of being and knowing that is grounded in timing I did not create. There is a way of being and knowing that dimly remembers that waiting in hope is an attitude of faith.

Waiting with Expectation
The divine is not fixed, static or bound by the past. God is always in process of making things new.

Waiting and Listening
The question of Advent is how: How do we prepare for the coming of our Lord? We are familiar with the Advent admonitions: Stay awake! Be alert! Wait! Be prepared! Today, let's add another word to the list: LISTEN.

Father Gregory Fruehwirth on Spiritual Practices during Advent
"…find an empty church to sneak into on one of these cold and dark days of early winter. Sit in a pew. Let go of the burden of your life, the anxious rattling of your thoughts, if only for a moment. ...Sit there, watching your breath as you breathe in and breathe out. Let the prayers come and go as they may. Discover how you actually do feel and tell God about that. God is interested. God cares."--Father Gregory Fruehwirth