Calvary Episcopal Church
Memphis, Tennessee


The Fifth Sunday in Lent
March 21, 1999
Volume 44, No. 12

Brain Surges. Soul Surges.
Findings from research in human development reveal that humans experience brain surges just before and just after the birth event ... then again at the age of five or six years ... and again at eleven or twelve years of age. At these stages of brain surge we are most receptive to and most in need of good parenting. These phases of brain surge are times when we need the important modeling and messages of love, justice, compassion and forgiveness. Research further reveals that if we do not internalize these understandings during the brain surge phases, they can surely be incorporated into our consciousness later in life ... it just requires a more disciplined and sometimes more determined path.

I'm fascinated by this information. It set me to wondering. Is there a soul surge? Are there phases when we are most receptive to the Holy? What would cause a soul surge? Would research indicate an age bracket? Would soul surge come from an unusual Encounter? Or from some soul-surging words from Someone through someone? Might there be a soul surge from a near- death experience? Or the birth of a child? From a deep, emotional relationship? Or the loss of one? From something as ordinary and extraordinary as a hike along a river, reading a novel, watching a movie, my God, even from a Homily? (Naah, that's really pushing the envelope.) However, it is cause for pondering, this soul surge stuff. If there are brain surges, there must be phases when there is a surge of the soul. Paralleling the Internet there is surely an INNERNET.
~Doug Bailey+

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