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John TinteraJohn Tintera
Marketing Manager, Holtzbrink Publishing/St. Martin's Press
Bayonne, New Jersey

John Tintera is a Marketing Manager with Holtzbrinck
Publishing/St. Martin’s Press in New York. After graduating from New York University in 1993, he pursued a career in book publishing, working as a sales assistant at Avon Books. In 1996 he left the world of romance novels to explore a call to the Catholic priesthood. He returned to the book business in 1997, with a new found appreciation for the priestly vocation, though realizing it was not for him. In 1999 he began a three year stint as sales manager for Crossroad Publishing, an independent Catholic press. In addition to playing rhythm guitar in a rehearsal-only rock band, he reviews books for nimblespirit.com and SALT, a lay-run independent Catholic bi-monthly. He lives with his wife, Sally Reier, in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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The Lure of Saints
As Jon Sweeney reminds us, the Protestant aversion to the veneration of saints comes out of a good place. Idolatry was chief among the sins enumerated by Moses in the Decalogue and because of that became the prime focus of the early Reformers.

The Gospel According to America
At first glance, the latest volume in Westminster’s "Gospel According to” series might seem like one more book in the long progression of left wing/right wing nose bashing that publishers have foisted on the public lately....

Searching for God Know What
Donald Miller relates a story in his new book which illustrates an ever-present danger to the Christian Church. During a seminar with a group of Bible college students, he tells the class that he is going to run through the key points of the Gospel, leaving out an important aspect. ...

Chronicles, Vol. 1
The article on Dylan in the leftist-leaning Reader’s Companion to American History declares that “if Dylan had died in his 1966 motorcycle accident, he would have achieved mythic status… "

The Best American Spiritual Writing 2004
Have you ever noticed that the books you give to friends and family at the holidays always seem to disappear, never heard from again?...

The Life of Pi
One of the most talked about novels of the past few years, The Life of Pi, addresses itself to the demise of myth and meaning in our culture. Actually, this mesmerizing tale forces us to look myth and meaning square in the eye.

The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
In his new book ... Orlando Sentinel reporter, Mark Pinsky, provides an excellent overview of the Disney Company since its inception and a synopsis of each of its 30 screen features from 1935 – 2003. ...

The Lord of the Rings
An article in a trade journal announced that during the week of March 1, 2004, sales were down at publisher Houghton Mifflin’s trade book division due mainly to lower Tolkien sales. ...

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

It's been almost a decade since Ted Koppel invited Morrie Schwartz, a college professor from the Boston area, to be a guest on his show, “Nightline.” ...

Seeking Enlightenment Hat by Hat: A Seeker’s Path to Religion
... Along comes a slender book of Proverb-like meditations by erstwhile mystery novelist Nevada Barr, ... In the same strong, yet plainly spoken voice that gives so much appeal to her Anna Pigeon mystery series, Barr sets forth her personal philosophy – a philosophy strikingly reminiscent of the biblical sages of old. ...

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