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An interview and two-part presentation featuring Phyllis Tickle, author, speaker and Contributing Editor in Religion for PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.


Video Interview
July 18, 2003
Moderator: Palmer Jones

This interview is divided into shorter clips for easier viewing for those with dial-up modems.

Complete Interview (39 minutes)

Clip One
As a society, we are attracted to classes such as "Teaching your children about religion while seeking God yourself." What are we looking for?... What is this phenomenon of the "seeker" all about?

Clip Two
The younger generation is not concerned with examining the Bible using the "how," "when" and "where" questions so crucial to rational thinking. Is their way of thinking a reaction to the intense scrutiny that scripture has undergone during the past several years?

Clip Three
What has changed in the younger generation's outlook that allows them to bypass the rational and focus on the Mystery?

Clip Four
Is the current interest in Judeo-Christianity an extension of the smorgasbord approach to religion, where we pick and choose what and how we want to worship?

Clip Five
How do you see religion being practiced in 25 years?

Clip Six
You have talked of our transition to the age of God the Spirit. Where, outside the church, can we find evidence of this new emphasis on the spiritual?

  Today's Church in America
A two-part overview (presented January 2003)

Session 1
Transcribed Text

Session 2
Transcribed Text

You will need the free Real Player to listen to these audio files.


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