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9/11 Remembered


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Reflections on the London Bombings
The London Bombings:
A Muslim Perspective

Why does God let bad things happen in the world?

Where do I look to find God in this world of tragedy and pain?

How are we to respond to acts of terrorism and the hatred expressed by self-proclaimed "enemies" of Christianity?

More Questions of Faith and Doubt

Prayers for
comfort, for coping with anger, for those who are suffering, and more


Personal Accounts of 9/11/01

Rising from the Destruction of Ground Zero:
A collection of memories from those who were there

Where Do We Go from Here?
"It does something to you when you are in a situation where you are just certain you are going to die. It kind of puts perspective on all of the life that you have ever lived before...." --Dan Matthews, Trinity Church, Wall Street

Experiencing Resurrection at Ground Zero:
Remembering the Ground Zero Ministry at St. Paul's Chapel

Turning to God in the Days that Followed 9/11

God at Ground Zero
"The telling and retelling of the stories of September 11, and its aftermath will be part of our healing. ..."
--Douglass Bailey

A Time of National Mourning
"I commend to you lots of prayer, and lots of reading of the wisdom and inspiration of scripture - scripture that has helped God's people deal with every kind of disaster and crisis that has ever faced humanity. ..."
--Bill Kolb

When Terror Strikes
"God knows it is emotionally satisfying to hate with righteous indignation, but God also knows that what is emotionally satisfying can be spiritually devastating...."
-- Stephen R. Montgomery

Love Our Enemies?
"How on earth do we live as Jesus' disciples, trying to love an enemy who can commit such ruthless acts of cowardice? How dare it even be suggested?..."
--Ruth Woodliff-Stanley

Looking Back Years Later

Beyond the Destruction
"There was so much bad news to feast upon that after a while, despair could have become our only meal... It seemed that cynicism and despair were the new themes of our lives...."
--Michael Sullivan

9/11: A Reflection
"Hate is an ultimate kind of turning inward, of refusing to see anything but my own little distorted universe. And so often, religious certitude and hatred are twins, working together in persons and in communities to corrupt and destroy the creatures of God..."
--Mary Earle



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