Signposts: Daily Devotions

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace—in peace because they trust in you.
—Isaiah 26:3

With the constant stream of incoming information, our minds are pulled in all kinds of directions. We often think that if we could be single-minded and steadfast, we would have peace.  In fact, it’s the other way around. We can’t develop a steadfast mind, if we can’t first find peace.

It’s like a man who works in a chaotic office. His desk is a mess, his phone rings off the hook, his co-workers and clients interrupt him. He feels like he can’t seem to get any work done. He thinks if he would just work harder and do a better job, the chaos would stop and he would be clear and centered about his work. Actually, if he were to become clear and centered about his work, he would find that he was able to do a better job even in the midst of the chaos.

Our soul is no different. There are many things and people competing for the energy of our life and soul. We sometimes just know we’re in a spiritual mess. We complain at ourselves for not being more attentive and centered. We think if we could just do a better job at spirituality, we’d finally be steadfast.

Like so many spiritual principles from the Bible, things are often upside down of what they seem.  It’s not willpower or putting in meditative hours that will give us a steadfast mind. It’s finding peace. When we find peace, a steadfast mind will follow.

Once we taste even a little of that peace, we will find ourselves wanting to hold on to it. Without even knowing it, we will find our soul clearing and deepening. Our mind will become steadfast because the peace we know is stronger than any chaos.

Gracious God, when everything around me is in confusion, let me trust in the peace of your Spirit.

Copyright © 2009 Cleophes Carter, Jr.