Signposts: Daily Devotions

Those who walk in darkness have seen a great light.
—Isaiah 9:2

As fall moves into winter, the summer daylight that lasted long into the evening is replaced by darkness. It stretches before us from the late afternoon, all through the night; yet no matter the season, the darkest hour comes right before the dawn. Darkness always seems deepest right before God is poised to cause an explosion of blessings in our lives.

When we are sitting on the beach, watching the ocean at the edge of dawn, God’s gift of life and light consumes us. Imagine the awe you’d feel as you watch the sunrise on a crystalline morning, your mind clear and your feet covered in warm sand. 

But that may not be your experience. You may first see the morning light in a place far less beautiful. Perhaps you’re sitting in your car in the parking lot of yet another church after a long, lonely drive, trying desperately to think of a plan that will help you sort out your life.  

Whatever your situation, darkness comes. It appears in many different forms and at awkward and tiring times in your life. No matter the time or circumstances of its arrival, remember, we have a choice. We can always choose to find the light that is dimly illuminated within the darkness of our souls. When we do, we may just see the light as clearly as if we were sitting at the ocean.

Gracious God, may you light the way of my path whenever I find myself lost or when I find it hard to see my way back to you.

Copyright © 2009 Cleophes Carter, Jr.