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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Written by William A. Kolb

Saturday, October 16

Jesus wept.
—John 11:35

God does not punish; when we do not have a life of peace and abundance, he weeps. 

God wants only the best for us. He wants only the best for you. You are the apple of his eye, the joy of his heart. If you think good parents love their children well, you might be able to imagine the much greater love from which all other love flows—God’s love for each of us, including YOU!

This is not a love that is just for the high achievers or just for those who obey all the rules; this is divine love that is fully for each of us. Sometimes we don’t let that love in. Have you ever heard of the man who thought the sun was not shining because he saw a shadow on the ground? It turned out that he had his back to the sun. 

When we have our back to God, we ask, “Where is God?” But God is right there. God is always right there, holding out his arms to embrace us with the fullness of his love and safety. Ultimate safety.

God did not make the world in order to build corporations or raise the Gross National Product; God made the world to populate with his beloved children, so they could love themselves, love each other and  love him. We all fall short in that love because we are human … but God already knows that, and loves us unconditionally. 

God is love, all love. Nothing bad comes from him. He may not always do what we want (after all He is God, we are the creatures), but He always loves us, hears us and takes us in when we knock.

God, you are the power of love in our world. Help us to receive You into our lives and to be nurtured and made whole by your love. Amen.

These Signposts originally appeared on explorefaith in 2006.