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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Sunday, February 21 living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house.
—1 Peter 2:5

There is a local builder who uses stone, primarily for rock walls and retainers, but I have seen the same techniques in old pioneers' stone cabins. He carefully assesses the size and shape of each rock that he may use. 

Every one must fit as precisely as possible. From time to time he will chip or divide a stone, taking off a piece that will not fit into a sound structure, or dividing a rock into a more manageable shape. He is so effective at matching shapes that he doesn't use any mortar or concrete—just rocks that fit together beautifully.

Such are the pieces of our lives, a spiritual house built of living stones. How congruent are the various parts of our day? Do we fit our actions together in such a way that they are laid upon a sound foundation and fit together into a functional whole?

I remember a parable about a wealthy ruler who went to two of his subjects and asked each to build him a house. Spare no expense, he said. Find the finest locations upon my estates, and use whatever materials you need. I will pay for everything. 

The two builders set to work, but in very different spirits. One followed the instruction of the owner and with meticulous care created a dwelling of profound quality and beauty. The other cut corners to suit his convenience and used materials that were quick and easy.

When the two were finished, they presented themselves to the ruler with the keys to the homes. "Thank you for your good work," said the owner. "Now, let me give to each of you the key to the house that you have made. Though you built them for me, they will be your homes to live in for the rest of your lives."

Each moment of the day is like a living stone that we are laying to build the temple of our lives. What attention and care and quality do we bring to our building, what workmanship or art, what material and spirit? What you build is what you get.

Each second and minute and hour is a gift from you, O God. Be with me as I build this day, that it will be a dwelling place which is hospitable to your presence and a foundation for an eternal home. Amen.

These Signposts originally appeared on explorefaith in 2007.