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Windows into the Light by Michael Sullivan

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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Friday, March 27

"Can it be that the authorities really know that this is the Christ? Yet we know where this man comes from; and when the Christ appears, no one will know where he comes from."
—John 7: 26b–27

I never know when to expect Jesus. I often look for him in church and often miss him there. I try to find him in scripture and in my daily prayers, but sometimes I do not encounter him at all. Sometimes I hear him in the words of a hymn or a song on the radio, but most of the time I do not hear him in music. He just comes out of nowhere.

Several months ago, I traveled abroad for a mission trip. I went to work in a school and to do my best helping those living in extreme poverty. Our mission team worked in a medical clinic, classrooms, and construction sites; we all sought to help children far less fortunate than our own. I suspected that I was the one that was bringing Jesus to them, and if not I, certainly someone in my group. After all, we came to take care of them, to help them, to bring them life and hope.

But as always, Jesus came when I least expected. Jesus came in the form of a young girl. I was playing soccer on a dusty field when I turned around and there she stood. Her large brown eyes looking at me. I  knew at once that in those eyes was Jesus. Words cannot describe why or how I knew the Messiah was there. I just knew.

I never know when Jesus is going to show up. I cannot plan for it. I cannot make it happen. But when I look, when my heart is open to new possibilities and new hope, he shows up every time. Sometimes when I see a little girl with gorgeous eyes, or a homeless man walking down the street. He shows up.  He always shows up.

Jesus, I never know where to find you. But you are always there, revealing yourself to me in your open vessels of humanity and creation. Open my eyes to see you and help me accept you when I find you in the unexpected. Amen.