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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Written by Renée Miller

Friday, June 5

You are my servant.
—Isaiah 44:21

Life is filled with events and circumstances that are all about "us." They make us feel good about ourselves and remind us of our special uniqueness. There are parties that delight us, new plans that excite us, honors and awards that reward us, vacations that renew us, unexpected wealth that surprises us. 

As much as we look forward to and appreciate such moments, they are like a beautiful fog floating up from the ocean that, once enjoyed, slowly dissolves in the sunlight.

As refreshing as it is to be the center of attention, our souls are
misshapen until we are given the opportunity to serve. When we look deeply at what nourishes our being, we'll find a kernel of compassion that flourishes and grows when we serve others. We  may not know who to serve or how to serve, but the compassion that God has given us longs to burst forth with fruit. 

When we accept servant identity, we immediately find our hearts opening to the needs of those around us. Perhaps they are
hungry or thirsty. Perhaps they need a shoulder to cry on, or an ear willing to listen to their troubles. Perhaps they are lonely, afraid, anxious, or overwhelmed. Perhaps they need data, resources, or simple reassurance. Perhaps they need to feel loved.  

What is clear is this:

In the moment that we become a servant to them, we find our own soul as full as a cherry tree at picking time.

Gracious God, water the kernel of compassion within me and let me feel the fullness that descends when the kernel breaks into beautiful bloom.