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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Written by Renée Miller

Sunday, June 14

We have the mind of Christ.
—1 Corinthians 2:16b

It seems impossible—or at least presumptuous—to act as if we have the mind of Christ. When we consider our responses to the situations and circumstances in our lives, we quickly realize that our thoughts, our words, and our actions most often fall short of Christ’s example. To presume that we have the mind of Christ leaves us feeling like impostors, as inadequate as a mastless ship on a turbulent sea.

But having the mind of Christ is not about perfection, it is about what resources we have at our disposal. Having the mind of Christ means that when we are on a turbulent sea in our lives, the response of Christ is available to us.

We can access the hidden part of our soul where the Spirit of God dwells. We can go within and find there the image of God stamped clearly on us. We can claim our capacity to be holy. From that deep interior space, we can make small course corrections that aright our boat, that give us strength and confidence, that increase our repertoire of responses to those people and things that feel in turmoil.

Having the mind of Christ means that there is nothing in the world that can separate us from the presence of God that exists in the silence of our own soul.

Gracious God, lead me down the tunnel toward the center of my own being where I will see there an imprint of your own face.